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Handmade Soap Box 1*6

Handmade Soap Box 1*6

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100% organic soaps that will nourish your skin to give you a youthful glow. These handmade soaps are rich in glycerin and Vitamin E and specifically have their pros, and will gently cleanse your skin to leave it supple and smooth.

Handmade in the valleys of Ladakh, EpicBharat108 brings to you this 100% organic soaps. These soaps are all-natural and free of harsh chemicals, so are not only a treat to your skin but also good for the environment. Ingredients in them are excellent skin cleanser with anti-inflammatory properties that soothes irritation. All the other ingredients in this soap have also been sourced naturally which will make your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated. These soaps are suitable for all skin types.

  • Brand: EpicBharat108
  • Package Content: 1 Unit

Please note that handmade products may vary slightly from the image shown, photography effects may cause slight shade variations between the actual product and the image on the screen.

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